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Railing Contractor Vancouver | Railing Contractor for your property. We build gates, railings, fences, balconies. Award winning service at a great price.
Railing Contractor Vancouver

Decades Of Experience

We have been in business of building premium quality railings with industry-leading services for many years.

Widest Selection

We offer widest selection of aluminum, stainless steel, or glass railings for clients in Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley.

High Quality Work

We take our work very seriously and offer the best-in-class craftsmanship when it comes to Railing solutions.

Creative and innovative design is always a priority at Grouse Railing. You can count on us to be on the cutting edge of the railing industry.


Creative and innovative design is always a priority at Grouse Railing. Our commitment to delivering the finest products and service to our customers has led to the development of our own metal and glass fabrication shop and finishing facility.

Quality Components

Grouse Railing begins with superior components. We manufacture all of our parts under strict quality control. The use of the finest materials available, combined with our attention to detail, results in the highest quality components.


Our Services

From the day you get your free estimate to the day our team finishes your project, Grouse Railing has got you covered with the highest standards of quality service.

At Grouse Railing, We have helped countless home and business owners improve the aesthetics and functionality of their homes or building through our unique, modern and contemporary railing designs. In addition to working directly with homeowners, we also work closely with contractors, builders, architects, carpenters, engineers and other professionals who need a specific style of railing fabricated for their project.

Our Process

Our process is solely based on customer satisfaction. By working in the industry for many years, we have a complete understanding of the workflow and various railing installations that allow us to ensure our projects go smoothly. Every delivered project always meets customer expectations since we follow the Our Process closely.

01. Project Planning

The very first and the most important phase is project planning. We ensure we understand what our customer is expecting from us. Once we get the idea, we put our input into it according to the project technicalities, material selected, the look and feel required, client’s budgeting guidelines, etc.

02. Project Designing

Once we have a good idea with client’s mutual understanding, we move towards the designing phase. In this phase, we talk about the latest design trends, frills, available options in the market, etc. to produce the most practical and astonishing railing design. This allows us to not only meet client’s aesthetic needs, but it also allows us to provide the best option available for our clients.

03. Project Building

This is the last, most technical, and most crucial phase of any project. All the technicalities and the execution of the project take place in this last phase. From sourcing right materials at right prices, cutting, welding, fitting, fixing to finishing, etc. all take place in this phase.

We are ready to start your project

From Installation To Maintenance—We Got Your Railing Installation Projects Covered. Call now to discuss your project with one of our professional advisors and see your ideas becoming a reality without breaking your banks.