Is your home or business lacking that special touch that leaves your guests or clients truly wowed? Are you starting a remodel project but are looking for a unique focal point?

Consider a custom railing from Grouse Railing Experts. We build beautiful, durable rails for homes and businesses all across Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley. Each of our final products is superior in look, feel, and durability.

Beautiful Custom Interior Handrails for Your Home or Business A custom railing makes a grand statement in your home or business. A spiral staircase, decorative lattice, or traditional staircase moves from standard and boring to beautiful and captivating.

For businesses, a custom railing makes your business stand out and look higher-end. Whether you need minimal spires or want a more detailed look, our team can create the custom handrail that makes your business look incredible.

We also design each of our railings for maximum safety and functionality.

Custom Design

There is nothing more amazing than having a beautiful railing for your stairs that enhances your interior’s look and feel.

Installing an elegantly designed railing will add a touch of cinematic class and luxury to any stairway. You can also customize your railing to best suit your stairway.

Aluminium Railings

Enhance the stairways’ look and appeal using aluminum posts that typically consist of open top and bottom.

The aluminum railings can be applied horizontally. With aluminum railings, we can create innovative designs and give them an excellent finish. This finish allows for the use of thinner glass.

Glass Railings

Interior glass railing systems add the contemporary and high-tech many modern homeowners are seeking. They are sure to open up any room immensely and will very quickly transform your staircase into an elegant focal point for your home.

Our highly experienced team will measure precisely, allowing for a perfect custom fit that will align with all angles of your staircase. You can choose to have the glass recessed into a wood cap and base or go for a floating effect with no header or footer.