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Exterior Railings Vancouver | Your home’s exterior deserves as much care as the interior. Contact us today at (778) 772 7412.
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Your home’s exterior deserves as much care as the interior. Decks in Vancouver home exteriors can offer better city and mountain views, an outdoor area for entertaining, and much more.

Grouse Railing Experts can ensure that your deck and or staircase are beautiful to look at while offering the most safety and functionality possible.

Exterior railings can be made with wood, glass, aluminum, or a combination of materials. Railing styles can range with several specific glass, picket, and other techniques.

Exterior railings help ensure that your home exterior reaches its full potential in regards to beauty and safety.

If you have any questions about exterior railings or are interested in an exterior railing project, contact Grouse Railing Experts today.

Our team’s professional knowledge and years of experience can provide your home with the ideal exterior railing. Our railing systems are custom designed and professionally installed to ensure your satisfaction.

Custom Exterior Railings

Decks and staircases on your Greater Vancouver home can add to the home’s functionality and aesthetics. Though, if these amenities are left without railings, they can be pretty dangerous.

A custom railing ensures that your deck is safe and attractive. Professional deck and railing contractors can work to ensure that your home’s exterior amenities are as safe and functional as possible.

Call Grouse Railing Experts for more information about our railing systems; we proudly offer a range of railing systems, including aluminum railings and glass railings.

Exterior Glass Railings

An exterior glass railing helps promote aesthetics and safety while not interfering with the incredible views that your deck area can provide.

Glass railings can be topless or have a top bar and can be fully customized regarding tint and transparency. Your custom glass is made with professional processes and is designed based solely on your aesthetic preferences and glass railing goals.

Feel free to contact Grouse Railing Experts today for a professional glass railing consultation.

Exterior Picket Railings

Picket railings have become one of the most popular Vancouver railing choices for upscale homes.

Picket railings can be made from aluminum and wood and installed into nearly any deck or exterior staircase style.

Custom picket railings on your home’s exterior can also utilize custom post toppers to increase the railing’s upscale perspective and personalized nature.

You can trust each step of your exterior picket railing project to the experts at Grouse Railing Experts.

Our Process

Our process is solely based on customer satisfaction. By working in the industry for many years, we have a complete understanding of the workflow and various railing installations that allow us to ensure our projects go smoothly. Every delivered project always meets customer expectations since we follow the Our Process closely.

01. Project Planning

The very first and the most important phase is project planning. We ensure we understand what our customer is expecting from us. Once we get the idea, we put our input into it according to the project technicalities, material selected, the look and feel required, client’s budgeting guidelines, etc.

02. Project Designing

Once we have a good idea with client’s mutual understanding, we move towards the designing phase. In this phase, we talk about the latest design trends, frills, available options in the market, etc. to produce the most practical and astonishing railing design. This allows us to not only meet client’s aesthetic needs, but it also allows us to provide the best option available for our clients.

03. Project Building

This is the last, most technical, and most crucial phase of any project. All the technicalities and the execution of the project take place in this last phase. From sourcing right materials at right prices, cutting, welding, fitting, fixing to finishing, etc. all take place in this phase.